Diagnostic innovation and livestock (DIAL): towards more effective and sustainable applications of antibiotics in livestock farming

The ESRC funded DIAL project aims to develop better conditions for a diagnostic-led approach to animal care and treatment by analysing behaviours and strategies in the diagnostic practices linked with diagnostic regulations and governance.

By generating understanding of current diagnostic tools and technologies, working with veterinarians, farmers and diagnostic developers, and trialling new diagnostic tools on farms; this project provides better knowledge of improved diagnostic practices and treatment decisions to inform veterinarians and farmers to reduce antibiotic on farm and improve animal welfare.

The DIAL team brings together an interdisciplinary expertise from three academic institutions, three veterinary practices, and  diagnostic developers. Active partnership with the British Standards Institution and Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network (Synthetic Biology Leadership Council Membership), British Veterinary Association, and Animal Health and Development Boards to co-produce knowledge and deliver impacts of this project.