This project will demonstrate how improvements in diagnostics and treatment decisions can lead to better, more effective and sustainable reductions in antibiotic use in livestock farming internationally, with specific focus on the UK and a pilot study on Tanzania.

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The impact pathway to change

Collaborate with British Veterinary Association (BVA) and engage with BVA members to increase awareness and practical experience of on-farm diagnostics and their potential to achieve more responsible antibiotic use in the livestock industries. The outcome of this project will inform discussions and diagnostic related decisions by companies, farmers, vets, leading to wider AMR related influence. 



Societal impact

Working with key public and private stakeholders in agriculture and veterinary services from project inception, through execution and knowledge exchange. Impact will be achieved through project workshops, participation in key Tanzanian agricultural events, engagement with key actors, and active farmer participation..

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Policy beneficiaries

Using a co-innovation approach, the DIAL project works closely with policy makers, regulators, and governing agencies to understand their potential roles in enabling or constraining the development and adoption of novel diagnostic approaches, and to appreciate how their decisions could contribute to adaptation of behaviours.